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Anonymous said: i'd give anything to be able to kiss you while i feel your ass and package

Omg who’s dis?

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Saint Laurent Paris

Anonymous said: are you cut or uncut, top or bottom?


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Anonymous said: Insta


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Mariano Ontañon at ReQuest by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo for Elle Men Hong Kong

v-exxed said: How did you get so many notes on your pictures?? Do you just have a lot of followers?

No just luck I guess

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positive-vibrationns said: i would do ya nice stuff oh babe


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Anonymous said: I am in the worst possible mood right now and the only thing that's pretty much keeping me going is remembering your old smile page. thank you for everything you've done that kept a smile on my face! you seriously are perfect to me

you’re welcome xx

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Espresso time ☕️ (at Borgo Pio)